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Drama Teen | A book by author Lina Ashar

I was at Billabong High International School Bhopal, interacting with a few of our teenage students who were sharing their pain points while interacting with parents and while giving them solutions for their pains points I got the idea of writing a book that would address both Parents and Teens....
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Being bold for change in South Asia | Meera Syal

Every year on International Women Day, we all take the opportunity to recognise two things; the remarkable achievements of women across social, economic, cultural and political spheres, and the barriers that prevent other women achieving their true potential. It’s no secret that women across the world continue to face discrimination...
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Culturama: February 2017

        Culturama February 2017: Here are the key picks- An interview with V.R. Ferose of the India Inclusion Summit on the need for an inclusive India. Visit the stunning Golden Temple in Amritsar. All about the enduring royal romances of India. Love the South Indian thali meal?...
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