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Plan B | Apurva Purohit

Nobody seems to have a ‘plan b’ in their lives these days and certainly not the younger generation for sure. While traveling to school, we used to be given extra money for our fare in case the bus didn’t come, and back-up money to be hidden in an inner pocket,...
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Foster Baby | Apurva Purohit

Winston – Tinku flew off yesterday and once again I felt the pangs of being an empty nester! For the last few months, I have watched with great interest a pair of hawks diligently building a nest just outside my window, then laying an egg, sitting patiently over it for...
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Dear men, on this women’s day

Do me a favour! Don’t give the women in your life flowers, chocolates, inane messages on what’s app or diamonds! (ok, ok I’ll make an exception on diamonds). Instead make an effort to listen to them, or better still, make an effort to ask them to speak up! A McKinsey...
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The Finger of Fidelity | By Apurva Purohit

Apparently scientists and researchers have made a stunning discovery recently that fidelity in humans depends on the length of their ring finger in proportion to their index finger! While the obvious irony, that it is the finger which is normally used to display the universal symbol of holy matrimony, has...
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Caste | Apurva Purohit Blog

The caste of mankind perhaps? “But then you got married out of caste after all” , said my neighbour’s mom dismissively, shaking her head at my complete lack of knowledge or interest in the ceremonial rituals surrounding the festival of the month. Indians, as you may all know, have a...
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Letting Go | Apurva Purohit

Birthdays and year-ends, I think need to be a time for spring cleaning of some sort. The baggage we have collected over the year, the clutter we have amassed, it’s time to look at each item anew and decide to junk it or keep it. But letting go somehow is...
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