Bombay Jules

How do I say ‘Goodbye Bombay’?

I have been putting off writing this for some time.  I wasn’t really sure how to word it.  Or how I would feel whilst writing my swan song. How do I say ‘Goodbye Bombay’? Yes, it’s true – I am leaving Maximum City.  Mr Jules has been called back to...
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My A-Z of Mumbai Shopping

After my A-Z guides to Mumbai Places and Food, I give you the BombayJules A-Z Guide to Mumbai Shopping.  Note: 1) Please follow the links for location information and further details 2) Do bear in mind that these are my personal choices (with the exception of Nature’s Basket) 3) Regular...
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My A-Z of Mumbai Food

I found that writing my ‘A-Z of Mumbai Places‘ to be quite addictive.  So much so, that I thought I would challenge myself with an ‘A-Z of Mumbai Food’.  The good thing about doing this in a city like Mumbai, is that it is OK to cheat slightly by mentioning...
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