Dinakshi Arora

Cracking the code | By Dinakshi Arora

There’s one thing I have learnt from my days of programming. Not one thing exactly, if I really sit down to count, but this one thing takes the proverbial biscuit! I was this green, wide-eyed fresher in the mesmerising world of software development, churning out miracles, only a few years...
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We and People | Dinakshi Arora

We owe it to people. People who raised us. People who taught us. People who made friends with us. People who were not-so-nice to us. We are not just we. We are a sum total of all the interactions we have had over our lifetime. Everything adds to our person...
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Canning the Can’t | Dinakshi Arora

“I can’t sleep on the right side of the bed.” “I can’t sleep with lights off.” “I can’t drive.” “I can’t dance.” “I can’t go to crowded places.” “I can’t go ahead after a black cat has crossed my path.” “I can’t lose weight.” “I can’t make it to Harvard.”...
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