Mary Jean Alvarado

Diversity & Inclusion in Asia 2014 Conference

Community Business’ flagship ‘Diversity & Inclusion in Asia 2014 Conference – Driving Competitive Advantage’ is taking place on 11 -12 November 2014 in Hong Kong. Early details of the event, including the programme, are available on the Conference website. This Conference as the leading forum for discussion of diversity and...
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Action Breaks Silence – Debi Steven

The world is shocked and horrified by the continuing news headlines in India detailing brutal rapes and sexual assaults against women of all ages.  Indeed, surveys have shown that: A woman is subjected to Eve Teasing* every 5 minutes (*the public sexual harassment or molestation of women by men) A rape is...
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Sandhya Gorthi’s Sanctum

I’d like to welcome you to our happy place, our Sanctum! I am a law graduate from the National Law School of India, Bangalore, but I have always had a creative side to me as well. I have worked in theatre, radio, journalism, internet companies – beginning in content, moving...
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Welcome to Culturama!

Culturama June 2014 The world’s biggest democracy went to the polls recently and chose a new leader. Learn more about Narendra Modi – the man who made the journey from Varanasi to New Delhi to take the oath as India’s 15th Prime Minister – in a special section in the...
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DHI Design

When art and communication come together, the dynamics change creating a strategy, and when this strategy is research-driven it conveys a memorable experience. As a communication designer it is imperative to help clients create such experiences with their brand and its tangible interface. This learning has come together after a...
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