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How to be a successful business woman?

0 Great things may come from anyone, regardless of gender. Each year, more and more women launch and lead their own businesses. The advancements made by female entrepreneurs often reach enormous heights and make male business owners scratch their heads. However, the path of women in business is not always...
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How to cope with workplace stress

0 With working lives that are busier than ever, and communication devices that keep us “switched on” at all hours of the day and night, it’s getting harder than ever to escape workplace stress. In fact, according to the most recent Labour Force Survey (LFS) conducted by the UK’s Health...
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CV Power Words

1 We asked the experts about Power Words for CV’s Power words give positive influence to those who read them and demonstrates directness which is why we need them in our CVs.  We have chosen a few of these words and have included them in our CVs to replace similar...
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