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Inspirational Woman: Preeti Monga | Director of Silver Linings Synergies & Silver Linings Trust

I am a motivational speaker, an aerobic instructor, a corporate trainer, a sales and marketing professional, a fitness and nutrition consultant, a trauma counsellor, a personal development consultant, an author, a public relations expert, a social activist and a successful business woman! Nothing deters me from living life ‘queen-size! From dreaming daring dreams,...
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Sandhya Gorthi’s Sanctum

I’d like to welcome you to our happy place, our Sanctum! I am a law graduate from the National Law School of India, Bangalore, but I have always had a creative side to me as well. I have worked in theatre, radio, journalism, internet companies – beginning in content, moving...
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Ranjini Manian – CEO Global Adjustments

Ranjini has dedicated her career to addressing this important issue. Using her 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur running India’s premier relocation and cross-cultural services company – Global Adjustments, editor of India’s only cultural magazine for expatriates Culturama, writer and experienced speaker at Indian and international forums, she has...
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