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Jinnie Gogia Chugh becomes brand ambassador of UNIVERSAL!

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Jinnie Gogia Chugh UNIVERSAL

Jinnie Gogia Chugh, International Athlete and Fitness Writer has been signed as the BRAND Ambassador for the world’s best sport’s nutrition brand – UNIVERSAL! 

Jinnie, a Commonwealth Gold Medalist in Powerlifting, and a renowned name in the industry is well-known for her rare skill set of education, writing and fitness.
A columnist and writer with many magazines and newspapers, she has been actively promoting fitness and is an inspiration to many. She’s looked upon as a representative of women empowerment and is painstakingly spreading awareness about the importance of fitness.
Jinnie recently started her own venture – Finergy Serve and is keenly working towards it.
Joining UNIVERSAL is a major step towards progress and a high pedestal and has put Jinnie, who’s also a mother to a 12-year-old girl, in the international league.
Striving high and honestly working towards her goal, this will bring her a phenomenal change in the fitness industry!
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