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Top nine CV writing tips for graduates

Whether you are a fresh graduate who is looking to land your first job or an experienced professional who is applying for a higher position, a well-written CV is a crucial tool that you have to focus on crafting into perfection in order to attract and convince hiring managers that...
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Culturama: January 2017

  Culturama January 2017: Here are the key picks- Usher in the New Year with this special issue of Culturama dedicated to the uniquely Indo-French Union Territory of India – Puducherry! Discover history, wellness, palette ticklers and more which epitomize the rich cultural heritage of this land. We invite you to...
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Role Negotiation May Help Boost High-Potential Women’s and Men’s Access to Hot Jobs

A new Catalyst report highlights high-potential Employees’ bids for satisfying and challenging roles benefit Individuals, leaders, and organisations   The persistent gender gap in access to “hot jobs”—those high visibility, mission-critical roles and international experiences—prompts the question: what can women do to maximize their access to these leadership development opportunities?...
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Culturama: December 2016

Culturama December 2016: Here are the key picks- Read all about our 19th Annual Beautiful India Expatriate Photo Competition award ceremony where there was bollywood music, dance, prizes and more. Discover the stunning landscapes of the verdant Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand Join us on a pictorial journey into the...
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Keeping girl’s safe in South Asia

Written by Nina Wadia, Actress & British Asian Trust Ambassador More than a third of all women in the world will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes, usually at the hands of a male partner. These disturbing findings by the World Health Organisation point to a global epidemic...
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Workstation can alter your stress

  The word Workstation reminds you of deadlines, stress, heavy workload, and a hostile environment. It is very much normal to feel like this by the thought of your office and desk, but before you go on thinking about your workload, let me just remind you that this is why...
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