Payal Gandhi Hoon

The Phenomena of our life

  You and I go through these phenomenon as we go through life each day. It amuses me and makes me wonder for it exists, we experience and then we move on with the humdrum of life! The phenomena when you keep waiting for a few hours and reminders ago...
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The Good Old Lady | Payal Gandhi Hoon Blog

I travelled to assist my NLP mentor on a training course in Cherai, Kerala by the beach. I checked into a home stay owned and run by a lady called Ms. Panioty. There she was in a long, wide, ankle-length printed dress, her hair tied in a small tuft, lines of experience and life running down her face, coupled with a strict...
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Dilemma Over Coffee | Payal Gandhi Hoon

Have you ever pondered about the services you really rely on in a day – from a petrol pump, to the service at a store, cab, airline, restaurant, movie theatre, after sales service, car service and so on? Any time in our busy lives, if we do have a good service experience; either we don’t have...
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Flights of Dreams | Payal Gandhi Hoon

‘Inspiration’ is the much needed breath of fresh air and literally translates as immediate influence of the divine or being blown into…It’s when writers say the words just flowed through my fingers or a singer expresses herself being a medium of the song. Can you think of the last time...
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